My Utopia Space 

"Where Life Is Always A Bliss"

We are a blended family and this is our  happy place where we create and make our ideas come to life and share it with the community while we teach our young family the value of essential marketing. 

We have four teenagers in the home with different talents. Two are great with drawings and two are great with marketing plans.

This is a hobby shop. Most of our products will be prototyped initially and pre orders or expression of interest will determine production. Depending on the availability of materials, some products will have to be limited edition. 

We also have products to sell where a part of the profits goes to a selected charity. We believe that giving back to the community is a great way to show our appreciation and thanking our customers. 

We will be expanding our services by April 2021. Watch this space!!!

We also love to cook and do other activities, which we intend to share  on our blog. We are not being paid to advertise products but we might mention some products and places we love and have tried. 

We have Facebook & Instagram links. We appreciate positive feedback for our children. Please refrain from giving un helpful feedback. We have a customer support link for any concerns you may have about our products.