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I commissioned this bear for the lovely Liz Tabori
Here is her story
I've had Teddy for almost 35 years. It's not like me not to give him a better name, but Teddy stuck. He was a gift from my partner from Dreamworld of all places. I do collect teddy bears, but I just took to his colours instantly. From that day on, he has never been away from me. He has been to Fiji on a cruise, Egypt, Africa and Dubai. He is probably one of the free teddies to sit on one of the pyramids. He was very popular and all the people in our tour wanted photos with him. He was so brave on the camel ride! He saw Tutankhamen's mask in the museum. He watched over us in Kenya and had a ball on the river cruise down the Nile. I've had quite a few hospital visits and he was with me each time. I can't fully explain my attachment to an inanimate object, but he is number one on my list to grab if we have to flee the house. I am so thrilled to have this permanent reminder of my precious Teddy. He is kept in a pillowcase now so he doesn't wear as quickly. He still sleeps with me every night. Thank you so much xx